After Hero


Presented by Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance,

with the support of Malthouse Theatre​


Two heroes are on a quest—for understanding, for identity, maybe even just for the hell of it. But what makes someone a hero? What does that word mean? When you don’t fit a definition that has existed for millennia, what do you even call yourself?

Playwrights Jean Tong and Jessica Bellamy, alongside Green Room-nominated director Daniel Lammin and a team of young theatre-makers, excavate the mythological and historical tales we tell ourselves about who gets to be a hero, and who doesn’t.

Cultures clash and traditions unravel as the tried-and-true storytelling we grew up with is pulled apart with irreverence, daring and a healthy dash of the absurd.


2018: Malthouse Theatre

Co-Writer: Jessica Bellamy

Director: Daniel Lammin 

© 2018 JEAN TONG. All Rights Reserved.

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After Hero

Photography: Sarah Walker