hungry ghosts


ask not what your country can do for you, but what your country did to you.


If a plane falls into the middle of the ocean and no one is there to see it; if RM680 billion is deposited into the secret bank account of a 'Malaysian Official' and no one finds it; if a girl leaves her country and no one notices it happening, did it happen?


This is for those who left home and never found their way back.

Hungry Ghosts is published by Currency Press and can be purchased online.


2018: MTC Education, Melbourne Theatre Company

Performers: Emina Ashman, Jing-Xuan Chan, Bernard sam
Director: Petra Kalive 

2017: Cybec Electric & Asia TOPA, Melbourne Theatre Company

24-25 February

Performers: Emina Ashman, Jing-Xuan Chan, Gareth Yuen 
Director: Mark Zhuang Yi

2016: Small & Loud 

Performers: Emina Ashman, Kim Ho, Margot Tanjutco
Director: Petra Kalive



Meet the Cybec Electric Playwrights,

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hungry ghosts