you win I am the monster I have been sent to warn you

in three days you will all be dead

TERRORISM attempts to broaden our understanding of terrorism through a consideration of context and inter-subjectivity, an examination of mediatised terror, and a wary suspicion of state-sanctioned torture.

TERRORISM is written for a cast of 3-7 people. Slipping between torturer and tortured, reporter and everyday civilian, chorus and character, the work interrogates the thin barriers that separates these categories, finding flaws in the way we conceptualise our safety and innocence within a Western liberal democracy.


2016 Best New Writing/Adaptation Award (University of Melbourne Theatre Board)

2016 Most Impressive Direction Nominee (University of Melbourne Theatre Board)

2016: in Triptych, Four Letter Word Theatre, Guild Theatre

Director: Declan Mulcahy

Performers: Adrian Del Re, Aram Geleris, Sen Wagaarachchi, Harriet Wallace-Mead

2015: in Mudfest 2015, FLW Theatre, Guild Theatre

Director: Ruben Allender Clark 
Performers: Pallavi Waghmode, Robbie Dimasi, Sasha Chong, Lotte Romijn, Ryan Stewart

Outside Eye: Angus Cerini 

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